This course concentrates on creating balance in your life. What makes this course so different is that we aren't just focusing on one particular struggle that you're facing. We are looking at your entire life: how you handle stress, what foods give you fuel, and what depletes you. We will focus equally on your mind, your body, and your soul or spirit so you will develop a healthy relationship with food, yourself, and others in your life.

You will:

·        Learn and practice three ways to create balance in your life which will help you eat better, have more energy, be less stressed, and just feel better!

·        Discover why focusing on these behaviors instead of outcomes will drastically improve your ability to make permanent changes.

·        Learn how to create meal plans for you and your family.

·        Discover the benefits of eating more plants and other whole foods.

·        Learn how to create meal plans that work for you and your family.

·        Establish a grocery shopping and meal prep routine.

You will receive:

·        Access to my online course delivery platform

·        Text lessons

·        Four PDF downloads. We will cover one topic each week.

·        21-Day Calendar

Omnivore and Vegan recipes, meal plan, and shopping lists

·        Food Diary

·        Bonus Week: Establishing Healthy Rituals

·        Bonus Handouts (7 downloadable PDFs)

·        1:1 support whenever you need it

·        Invitation to my private Facebook group;

·        Lifetime access to the course materials, even if I stop offering the course for sale

This online course is self-paced, so you can take as much or as little time as you like to go through the program. However, if you complete one module per week, then you will complete this course in four weeks. 

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